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Separated by each asset growth on investment and cordial family relations. We are present on all media channels creating conscience to make sure we work for better sustainability and development of the population in the island on its 81th birthday.


Each subsidiary creates its own revenue and investments, empowering its free control as a subject of the holding to keep investing its money for better growth of on the local and international markets in a laissez-faire leadership technique but attached in a solidified strong equity and assets as one.


We improve energy efficiency by as much as 10% per tonne of output while reducing associated CO2 emissions. The way also reduces electricity consumption thanks to the use of high energy-efficiency.


The Jimenez Lopez Investment Holding Group is the first company in Puerto Rico, established first in 1942 that was initially created to provide opportunities for students after graduating from high school. Therefore and afterwards it became investment tool in the local market starting with the coffee production, sugar cane boom and WWII bonds. Then, to share in the rewards of the Jimenez Lopez Group investments, the company today largely maintains a highly liquid balance sheet comprising federal and state government debt instruments under the management of the company wealth portfolio grievances, re-purchase of federal and state contracts and bank deposits. In recent years, the Jimenez Lopez products has increased its focus on international markets. Today, its products are sold in more than 20 countries on 3 continents. Its flagship luxury brands part part of our portfolio, acquisitions of retail mega store chains branches which it has promoted in targeted international markets and supported with investments in marketing and sales. We are now the best-known and most-preferred brands in their current sectors in the local market. In the period ahead, in line with its vision of generating more than half of its revenue from international sales, such as the sell-buy of the luxury brands that compose the Jimenez Lopez Group store portfolio in which we also aim to promote its brands, well-being, and make them the leader brands in Puerto Rico, and in selected international markets in the Caribbean and Latino America. Propelled by a vision of smart and sustainable living for people of every age, ability, and cultural background, the Jimenez Lopez Building Group such as mass production of PVC who was invented and patented in Puerto Rico and now is one of the most widely used polymers in the world due to its versatile nature, PVC is used extensively on a broad range of  industrial, technical and everyday applications including widespread use in building, transport, packaging, electrical/electronic and healthcare applications. Nevertheless, we are the major producers of  steel after gaining prominence in global design markets while maintaining its longstanding leadership in Puerto Rico construction regional market. As the steel production is at full boom, Jimenez Lopez Group Building Steel and PVC places among the Top 10 producers in Latino America with multiple steel production bases owned by the President of the group Jorge Jimenez Neubauer Torres around the island. He is the first and only German-own steel building products producer from Puerto Rico certified virtually on all of its quality as meeting to the A rating at the production label level. It is also the first from any industry to receive the United States Standards of Double Star rating, which indicates that products greatly exceed the benchmark for certification.


On September 5, 2023 we closed a deal of acquisition on Socionext in Japan for €9 billion euros. Socionext’s “for better quality of experience,” and expresses not only our determination to improve the performance and functionality of our products and service, but also the reflection of our goal to provide new value to people throughout the world, thus contribution to a prosperous society. Socionext serves the diverse needs of the world's leading companies by leveraging its system expertise and core technologies garnered over the years through ASIC and ASSP businesses by contributing to the following focus areas, and we take on challenges to create a better society and ensure a better quality of experiences for people around the world. In the fields of “automotive”, “data center & networking”, and “smart devices”, functionality and performance are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We design and develop our products based on common concepts, including subsystem configuration and bus architecture, and deliver SoCs that meet their scalability needs and enable the optimal function and performance for each application. The next generation of automotive development features a shift to autonomous driving. Dedicated SoCs with the most advanced technologies are needed to enable these highly demanding systems. We collaborate with major car OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers that lead the global market, delivering custom SoCs required for advanced applications, as well as contributing to a safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and comfortable mobility. In the data center field, the increasing volume of data and application processing and communication traffic along with low latency represent major challenges. In networking, demand for large-volume, high-speed wireless communications is expanding globally, combined with the launch of full-scale services for the fifth generation (5G) ultra-high-speed wireless communication. Socionext develops high-performance custom SoCs by utilizing its multi-core design capability and low-power AI engine and accelerator to meet the customers' exact needs for feature and performance. The smart device market is expected to grow rapidly as AR/VR products and smart glasses are becoming smaller and more feature-rich. Socionext will continue to further advance its technologies for high performance SoC designs to meet the needs for smaller form factors and reduced power consumption.


"We have partnered with Upwork, an American freelancing platform headquartered in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. We focus on development of AI, empowered by freelancers and computer programmers in its development. Upwork shares soared by as much as 50% during their Nasdaq trading debut. The freelancers' network priced shares at $15 apiece before opening for trading at $23. The initial public offering allowed the company to raise $187 million through the sale of 12.5 million shares. We Develop, Design, Success! "Upwork allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and freelance agencies through the company's platform. The client may invite specific freelancers to apply for their jobs, or else post the job for any freelancer who is interested to apply.

Freelance Development

Once the client has chosen who they want to complete the job, they hire that freelancer by sending a contract with set hours, pay rate, and a deadline for the work to be completed.


As of July 30, 2021 the platform enabled $2.55 billion of gross service volume, on 3.0 million projects between approximately 387,000 freelancers and 547,000 clients in over 180 countries.


Once the client has chosen who they want to complete the job, they hire that freelancer by sending a contract with set hours, pay rate, and a deadline for the work to be completed.


The client posts a description of their job and a price range they are willing to pay for a freelancer to complete it. The client may invite specific freelancers to apply for their jobs, or else post the job for any freelancer who is interested to apply.


Upwork allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and freelance agencies through the Upwork platform. Now, Upwork, the world's largest online freelancers' network by volume.

Remore Work

COVID-19 profoundly changed the way that businesses and professionals operate. A new report from Upwork’s Chief Economist assesses the impacts of a full year of remote work and highlights key learnings for the future.

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